Online Safety Index Report Released for 2022

Online Safety Index Report Released for 2022

The annual Online Safety Index report has been launched for 2022, looking into how well schools in England protect their children online. The report draws data from the 360 Degree Safe tool and analyses how well schools have performed across local authorities throughout England. The tool itself supports schools with their own online safety policy and practice, identifying where their strengths lie but also highlighting weaknesses. 

Online Safety Index

How Well Do Schools Perform?  

This report has shown the current landscape for 2022. As before, there are top performing local authorities who are showing good performance levels as well as engagement, highlighting a strong indication that online safety remains a high priority for them.  

On the other side, there are the lowest performing local authority areas who are representing a moderate performance level but appear less engaged, indicating a lower focus towards improvement. As the report highlights, North Somerset is the top performing local authority area with Greenwich appearing as the lowest. 

David Wright (Director of UK Safer Internet Centre) said:

‘’The online safety landscape is once again showing us where the strengths and weaknesses lie. Technology is always evolving which means online safety continues to adapt alongside.

It is essential that schools prioritise a consistent review of their online safety policies so they can actively show how they are working towards keeping children and young people safe online. The report has now shown where the gaps are, and we encourage all local authorities to continue to work towards improvement and ensure online safety remains a high priority.’’ 

You can sign up to 360 Degree Safe for free if you want to review your online safety policy and practice. 360 can support your school towards improvement. Multi Academy Trusts can also gain this support through the specially designed 360 for Multi Academy Trusts tool.

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