New Interface Podcast: The Importance of Online Safety and Digital Literacy

New Interface Podcast: The Importance of Online Safety and Digital Literacy

A new episode of the Interface podcast has launched, featuring teacher and content creator Mr P ICT, and podcast hosts Jess McBeath and Ailish Hunter.

The latest episode of the Interface podcast considers digital literacy and the humorous incidents involving technology and teaching. Lee Parkinson, also known as Mr P, shares his experiences as a primary school teacher and education consultant, alongside his work as a content creator.

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Technology and Teaching

Throughout the podcast, Mr P looks at how technology has impacted teaching over time, and the benefits that the latest technological advancements have provided. The conversation considers the impact that COVID had on technology in schools and the learning, innovation, and creativity that teachers used to embrace technology and remote teaching.

Discussing the continued use of technology since COVID, Mr P highlights the importance of accessibility, and how technology can remove barriers for children with disabilities or who have SEN requirements.

The group discuss the importance of giving teachers time to implement new technology into the classroom in the most effective way possible and the importance of making the best use of teachers' time by understanding the impact AI and other forms of technology can have on workloads. Find out more about the support and considerations around AI technology with our AI Information Hub.

Digital Literacy

As part of the conversation, Mr P and the Interface hosts emphasise the importance of teachers and young people acquiring digital literacy skills to improve their online safety knowledge.

Alongside social media's popularity and usage, they look at the many opportunities it can create and the importance of using it responsibly. Mr P highlights that “if you've got a passion and interest, a skill, a hobby, and you can share it in a positive and engaging way that, nowadays, it may well create a job opportunity.”

However, he also considers the repercussions of using social media in a negative way and the impact it can have on applying for future jobs. In consideration of this, they consider the importance of educating young people about the choices they make online and encouraging young people to consider that what they see on social media doesn’t always reflect the real world.

Collaborating with Parents

While considering social media's impact on young people, discussions arise around the importance of engaging parents in conversations about digital literacy and online safety. Mr P explores the challenges parents face in limiting children's use of social media, considering the effects it can have on their friendships and relationships.

He also shares advice for parents on their children’s online usage and digital wellbeing, such as using screentime restrictions and family accounts to support their digital wellbeing.

To listen to the episode and gain further insight into the considerations discussed, you can listen to Interface from our website or your favourite podcast player.

Further Resources

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