New Instagram Privacy Checklist Updated for 2024

New Instagram Privacy Checklist Updated for 2024

Instagram remains one of the most popular social media platforms across the UK, with millions of users sharing their posts and stories every day. With such a high user base comes the increased need for individuals to understand and manage their privacy settings effectively. Whether you've had an Instagram account for a number of years or are just joining the platform, the updated SWGfL Instagram Checklist for 2024 serves as a go-to resource for finding out more about your profile and how you can utilise a number of security features from your own device.

Instagram – Privacy and Security

Take a look below at some of the areas that the privacy checklist explores and how they can work towards keeping your profile secure.

Is my account private or public?

Understanding the distinction between a public and private account can gauge how you want your content to be seen. A public account allows anyone to view your posts even those who don’t have an Instagram account, while a private account restricts access to only approved followers. The checklist guides you through the steps to adjust your account's privacy settings according to your preferences.

How do I share something with a select group of followers?

Sometimes, you may want to share certain posts exclusively with a specific group of followers. The checklist provides clear instructions on how to use Instagram Direct, enabling you to create a curated audience for your more private content.

How do I block someone?

Dealing with unwanted interactions or harassment on Instagram can be distressing. Knowing how to easily block a user provides a sense of control over your online interactions. The checklist walks you through the process of blocking users, empowering you to have more control over your online environment with only those you feel comfortable with.

Do you know how to report content?

Instagram has routes for users to report content that violates community guidelines, such as hate speech, harassment, or explicit material. Understanding how to report inappropriate content helps uphold acceptable standards and works towards a more positive user experience. The checklist outlines the steps for how to report content via the platform. Users can also visit Report Harmful Content if they need further advice on reporting or need help in escalating material.

How do I hide comments and message requests?

Maintaining control over your comments section and message requests is an important part of your Instagram experience. Whether you wish to hide offensive comments or filter message requests from unknown users, the checklist provides routes for how to enable these features.

How do I delete or report comments?

In addition to hiding comments, it's important to address those inappropriate or offensive comments that will need further action. The checklist offers guidance on how to delete comments that violate community guidelines and reporting those users who engage in abusive behaviours such as bullying or harassment.

How do I delete my account?

If you wish to take yourself away from Instagram, the checklist outlines the steps for permanently deleting your account as well as ways to temporarily disable your account if you’re only looking to take a break from the platform.

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The updated Instagram Checklist for 2024 serves as a comprehensive guide to navigating the platform's privacy settings whilst optimising your online experience. Whether you're concerned about account security, content moderation, or audience engagement, this handy resource equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to take control of your Instagram account.

Teachers, parents and professionals can also access the checklist to support anyone in their care. To access the checklist, simply download it for free from our website, or select a printed copy available for purchase in our store.

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