New Guidance Released for ProjectEVOLVE EDU

New Guidance Released for ProjectEVOLVE EDU

Following our much-anticipated launch of ProjectEVOLVE EDU, an essential online safety and digital literacy training platform, we have released a number of guidance pieces to support users with their EDU experience.

ProjectEVOLVE EDU is our latest product, designed to support teachers, school staff, and professionals with their understanding of the online world. Due to the platform's recent inception, we wanted to provide our audience with everything they need to know, ensuring a positive and enjoyable training experience.

The following guidance explores why our experts developed the platform, alongside the importance of online safety training. Other pieces provide guidance on how to access the platform, who the platform is suitable for, and the key benefits of ProjectEVOLVE EDU accreditation.

To gain invaluable insights into the EDU platform you can visit any of the links below, or visit our website.

Full list of ProjectEVOLVE EDU guidance pieces

Alongside these pieces, you can also read our latest articles about the platform. ProjectEVOLVE EDU: A New Platform for Digital Literacy Professional Development highlights how the platform is instrumental in strengthening professional development. The ‘What is ProjectEVOLVE EDU? - Exploring the New Training Platform from SWGfL’ article also provides a simple step-by-step guide on how users can progress through the tool.

All this new material is here to enhance the exploration of the platform, and if you and your team would like to begin the ProjectEVOLVE EDU experience with this latest information in mind, please visit our website.

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