New AI Topic Hub Launched

New AI Topic Hub Launched

We are pleased to release a brand-new topic hub that explores the ins and outs of artificial intelligence with particular focus around how schools and other educational establishments should approach the subject with young people.

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Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, but it has only been in recent months that AI tools and systems have become more accessible to a much wider audience. The capabilities of this technology has been making considerable impact across the world, with many AI tools being used regularly to support with work, creativity and efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence and Schools

With artificial intelligence quickly establishing itself in the world, schools may be concerned about how to approach such a vast subject with their students. AI is evolving rapidly, and there is currently a lot more work that needs to be done around regulation and safeguarding. Despite this, the fundamentals of keeping ourselves safe online will remain, and we can continue to educate around safe and responsible use of technology, whilst bringing AI into the discussion.

Our new hub takes an introductory look at artificial intelligence and breaks down some of the key components.  As with any new subject, we have taken a look at the benefits and considerations of AI technology, whilst highlighting supportive articles that explore some of the current AI tools that are being used worldwide, such as ChatGPT and Snapchat’s ‘My AI’.

New Guidance

We have also developed guidance, specifically for schools, around how they should approach AI with their students. Included are key points that explore critical thinking, active discussion, data protection and cyber security awareness.

As we continue to see the prominence of various AI tools and systems, our online safety team will continue to learn about new developments in the field,so we can provide support with new guidance and information. .

To start your understanding of AI , why not take a look at our short video below or visit the AI hub.

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