More details on changes to 360 Degree Safe tool

More details on changes to 360 Degree Safe tool

What is new and improved?

In November 2019 the 360-degree safe tool will be 10 years old. There have been many updates to the content in those 10 years, but the structure has remained unchanged.

Online tools and behaviours have changed significantly and we feel it is time for the structure of the tool to reflect these developments. In doing this, we will introduce new features to help you save time, work more efficiently and meet your statutory obligations.

We will be launching the new version of the tool in the spring of 2020 with these improvements:

  • Fewer aspects – there will be 21 aspects in place of the current 28, saving you time on your review
  • Improved graphics helping you visualise your data
  • Improved navigation around the tool
  • Better reporting giving you improved insights into the quality of your online safety provision and how it compares with national benchmarks.

How will the old aspects map to the new?

Please refer to the table below to see how the old aspects map to the new. The old aspects marked in bold denote which aspect data will be copied to the new merged aspect:

Policy and LeadershipResponsibilityOnline Safety GroupOnline Safety Group
Online Safety ResponsibilitiesOnline safety responsibilities
PoliciesAcceptable UseAcceptable use
Policy developmentOnline safety policy
Policy Scope
Whole School
ReportingReporting and responding
Strategies for managing unacceptable use
Communications & Communications TechnologiesDigital & video imagesDigital & video images
Social mediaSocial media
Mobile TechnologyMobile technology
Professional standardsProfessional standards
Public Online CommunicationsOnline publishing
InfrastructurePasswordsPassword SecurityTechnical Security
ServicesTechnical Security
Filtering and MonitoringFiltering
Data ProtectionData Security
EducationChildren & Young PeopleDigital LiteracyOnline Safety Education
Online Safety Education
Contribution of Young PeopleContribution of Young People
StaffStaff TrainingStaff Training
GovernorsGovernor TrainingGovernor Training
Parents & CarersParental EngagementFamilies
CommunityCommunity EngagementAgencies
Standards and InspectionMonitoringMonitoring & Recording of OS safety incidentsOutcomes – Impact of online safety and practice
Impact of the online safety policy and practice

How does it affect you?

Your levels and commentaries will be transferred to the new tool. Where aspects have been merged or removed this data will be transferred from the nearest equivalent aspect to make the process easier for you. You will, in the new tool, be able to access a report of your levels and commentaries as they existed in the old structure at the time of the update.

Online Safety Mark benchmark levels will be adjusted so that in future they will all be at level 2. Level statements will be adjusted, meaning that in most aspects the standard required to reach the benchmark will remain the same. For a few aspects e.g. data protection, the required benchmark standards will be higher due to changes in legislation or statutory guidance.

What you should do next?

After launch, visit the new improved tool and check your review

We would encourage all schools to re-visit the tool after the update to check that the levels and commentaries they have provided are still accurate and to ensure that their practice still meets statutory guidance.

If you are applying for the Online Safety Mark, you can be assessed based on previous criteria

If your school applies for the Online Safety Mark after November 2019, you will have the option to be assessed against the previous criteria until March 31st 2020. After that date all assessments will be against the new Online Safety benchmark levels

Further information will be provided prior to the launch, but if you would like any further information or have questions about the upcoming changes, please get in touch.

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