Mimecast Offer Essential Cyber Training to Schools

Mimecast Offer Essential Cyber Training to Schools

Cyber security is something that we have all heard of in some way shape or form. With the amount of devices we all use, it’s incredibly difficult to not come across the topic of cyber security. The thing is, we all need to accept that cyber security is an essential part of a safe and secure online experience that needs to be managed correctly. The wide range in which cyber-attacks can impact our lives can result in devastating consequences for us, both individually and as part of a school. In particular, schools have a lot of responsibility to ensure the safety and security of information and with the risk of cyber-attacks increasing every day, schools need to make sure they are strongly protected from the word go.  

According to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) 83% of schools experienced a cyber-attack last year. What’s even more worrying is that the same research determined that 65% of schools don’t train staff about cyber security.

Statistics such as these show that common attacks such as Phishing and Malware are quite literally ‘waiting at the door’. In fact, Ransomware attacks hit headlines over the last 12 months posing a serious threat to the education centre.  It is now up to the school to ensure that their door is not wide open and welcoming these attacks in.

Mimecast Training - Human Error

SWGfL are proud to offer cyber security training from Mimecast to support staff in identifying common cyber-attacks whilst raising awareness about protecting and improving defences. As with most things, there is a common reason why attacks happen on such a regular basis – human error.

Mimecast’s training breaks down common examples of where human errors occurs and provides accessible and engaging videos to help shift behaviour patterns around security. Throughout the training, human error isn’t just a concept, he’s an actual person! Human error takes you through videos on a monthly basis, explaining various aspects of cyber security in a funny and simplified manner that isn’t intrusive or overly complicated.

As staff go through the modules they will become better equipped to respond and defend, using more judgement and ensuring that their door is never open to cyber-attacks.

SWGfL have negotiated with Mimecast to secure low cost prices to support the education sector as much as they can. Schools hold a lot of valuable data that, if compromised, could be extremely distressing for those involved. SWGfL are offering this low cost training for £8.99 per user to help combat one of the biggest risks targeted at schools. If you want to know more about Mimecast or the training that they provide check out the page below;

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