Meta Announces Plans to Use Facebook and Instagram Posts to Train AI

Meta Announces Plans to Use Facebook and Instagram Posts to Train AI

Meta has announced that it has plans to use people’s public posts and images across Facebook and Instagram to help train artificial intelligence tools across Meta services.

The latest changes to Meta’s privacy policy, which is due to take effect on the 26th of June 2024, will mean that any posts, images, image captions, comments, and Stories that are shared publicly by users over the age of 18 will be used as part of training for Meta AI. However, the latest updates to their privacy policy will not affect any content that is shared across Instagram and Facebook privately, including Instagram DM’s and Facebook Messages.

Due to GDPR, users will be able to object to their data being used for AI development and training. Find out more about the latest changes to Meta’s policy, and information about how to object to Meta using the information you’ve shared on Facebook and Instagram below.

Why is Meta making these changes?

Meta is making these changes to their privacy policy as part of AI at Meta developments being rolled out across Europe. The developments will encompass their generative AI features, including Meta AI and AI Creative Tools. Meta states that ‘as it takes such a large amount of data to teach effective models, a combination of sources are used for training. We use information that is publicly available online and licensed information.’

These changes also come after Meta recently announced that it will expand its AI capabilities across Facebook to tailor the recommendation technology behind Reels and Feeds to users more accurately.

What information will Meta use?

Meta has claimed that the information it will use to train its AI models will use data dating back to 2007, this will include ‘things such as posts or photos and their captions’. Meta has stated that data collection will not include private messages with other users. However, any interactions made with  AI chatbots across the services will also be used for training purposes.

How can I object to my information being used for AI at Meta?

Meta has provided a form that enables individuals living in Europe to object to their data shared across Instagram and Facebook being used to develop AI at Meta.

To object to your information being used, you can submit your request here. After providing information about your country of residence, email address, and how the process of your data will impact you, Meta says it will ‘review objection requests in accordance with relevant data protection laws. If your request is honoured, it will be applied going forward.’

It’s important to note that even though you may successfully object to your data being used, or you do not use services such as Facebook and Instagram, Meta may still process information about you to develop their AI. This could include instances where photos of the user are uploaded through a friend's account. Meta explains that instances where this may happen include ‘if you or your information:

- Appear anywhere in an image shared on our Products or services by someone who uses them

- Are mentioned in posts or captions that someone else shares on our Products and services’

Alongside this, users can make a request to delete any personal information provided by third parties that are used to develop AI at Meta. Users can also object to, or restrict, the processing of their personal information from third parties used to develop AI at Meta. You can find out more and submit a request here.

What is AI at Meta?

Meta states that AI at Meta is ‘our collection of generative AI features and experiences and the models that power them, like Meta AI.’

Meta has been implementing AI technology across its services recently and has revealed extensive investments in IA infrastructure through the next generation of AI chips, which will be used to support new generative AI products and develop their AI recommendation systems.

As part of these advancements, Meta has announced that they’re rolling out a Meta AI assistant across Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram to provide advice and support search queries. Currently, this feature isn’t available in the UK or Europe but has been released in the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and several more countries.

In a blog post released by Meta, the company announced that they aim to implement AI models across Europe throughout 2024.

How can I find out more about AI?

With Artificial Intelligence changing the way we use technology, it’s important to understand how it can be used and its capabilities, whilst ensuring you stay safe online.

Anyone who is looking for more information and guidance around AI can visit our Artificial Intelligence and Online Safety Hub, which provides information on what AI is, the impact of AI, and its benefits and considerations.

Our AI knowledge hub also provides information about AI in schools, alongside providing free lesson activity plans around AI, developed in partnership with SEROCU (South East Regional Organised Crime Unit).

Visit our Artificial Intelligence and Online Safety Hub

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