Looking Back at Online Safety Day 2023

Looking Back at Online Safety Day 2023

In today's digital era, the internet and online technology have continued to be an integral part of young people’s lives, facilitating communication, education, and entertainment daily. This year’s Online Safety Day, hosted live from TikTok’s London Headquarters on December 13th, looked to address the changes and developments that we have seen across the year, as well as what the future of online safety may look like in 2024.

Online Safety Day 2023 brought together some of the biggest names in online safety, with industry professionals, professionals working with children, and safety experts coming together to discuss their experiences and thoughts about the safe use of technology, in a series of engaging and educational discussions.

David Wright, CEO of SWGfL, opened the event by taking the opportunity to reflect on some of the significant developments in 2023 whilst offering a glimpse of what to expect in 2024, including the implementation of the Online Safety Act and what further provisions are needed. Reflecting on our work, David also highlighted the success of ProjectEVOLVE and the second anniversary of StopNCII.org.

David also announced a new accreditation mechanism for filtering providers across England and the UK expected in 2024, and released new guidance from the Professionals Online Safety Helpline to help support and protect staff from sexual harassment in schools and colleges.

Following this reflection, three in-depth discussions took place; all of which you can find out about, below.

Educating in the 21st Century


David Wright - CEO of SWGfL & Director of UK Safer Internet Centre

Margaret Mulholland - Inclusion Policy Specialist for the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL)

Laurie Matthews - History teacher and TikTok Creator

The panel joined together to explore the integration of technology in classrooms and its potential to enhance education. The panel discussed the challenges associated with adopting technology in educational settings and emphasized the need for effective resources, including an accreditation mechanism for filtering providers. They underscored how initiatives like ProjectEVOLVE can help students develop online skills throughout their education.

Online Safety Act


Sarah Blight - Online Safety Principle at Ofcom

Hugh Turner - Head of Online Harms Implementation at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT)

Rich Collard - NSPCC Child Safety Online Lead

Chaired by Ben Bradley from TikTok, the Online Safety Act panel explored the necessity for the Act and how it should help to mitigate online harms, increase children's online safety, and regulate online services through OFCOM. The discussion also delved into the consideration of AI tools and services within the Act, ensuring its adaptability to future technological developments.

Digital Wellbeing


Dr Nikki Soo - Harmful content and digital wellbeing expert at TikTok

Dr. Amy Orben - Programme Leader Track Scientist at Cambridge University

Karl Hopwood - Member of UK Council for Internet Safety

Boris Radanovic joined our panellists to address the impact of online experiences on young people's wellbeing, focusing on how schools can help students maintain a healthy balance between their online and offline lives. The panel highlighted the importance of online spaces for young people and suggested that social media companies play a role in supporting them with features that promote understanding of the impact that online activities can have.

Catch up on Online Safety Day

If you missed Online Safety Day 2023 or would like to take a look back at some of the discussions had, you can catch up on everything that was discussed through our YouTube channel. Watch Online Safety Day 2023 below.

You can also access resources, services and support discussed throughout the event by visiting our homepage.

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