How secure is your school’s information?

Schools, just like any other commercial or public sector institutions are now reliant upon the internet and broadband services for day-to-day operations and activities. These technologies bring a huge range of opportunities and benefits, offering new ways to support teaching and learning, whilst streamlining operational and administrative processes. But they also bring a range of risks if not managed and maintained appropriately.

What do I need to think about?

Your information security policy should demonstrate a reasonable duty of care in providing a safer and better online environment for all users, so does yours cover the following?

» Creating a culture of responsible use

» Statutory Requirements

» Filtering and Monitoring solutions

» Secure Transfer Services

» Managing mobile devices

» Alerting illegal content & incident management

Without proper planning, it is inevitable that something will probably go wrong at some point. But provided you have procedures in place for logging, reporting on and managing incidents, damage can be minimised, lessons can be learned and normal service can be restored as quickly as possible.

Online Safety BOOST toolkit has some great elements to help in the event of an issue. The Incident Response Tool will guide you through the steps to take and the evidence required ensuring your actions are compliant. Our Whisper anonymous reporting service (part of the BOOST toolkit) enables your school community to report issues directly from your website.

» Preparing for a hack

How can SWGfL help?

If you feel that your information security policy isn’t quite stacking up and you need some support, don’t worry, the team at SWGfL are here to help.

We have developed a half-day training session called ‘Lines of Defence – Information Security for Schools’ which will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and support you in developing a strategy to improve your policies and practices.

If you would be interesting in booking this session for your school, please contact the Education Team.

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