Introducing our Digital Wellbeing Hub!

Introducing our Digital Wellbeing Hub!

There is no escaping technology and an ever growing digital world. More and more young people are using digital environments so rather than run from it, or dismiss it, we should be looking at what we can do to make sure that they are all using digital technology healthily and positively. That is why SWGfL are delighted to introduce to you our latest topics page, Digital Wellbeing.

Discover our Digital Wellbeing Hub

Following on from Safer Internet Day 2022 and our coverage of Online Safety and Gaming, this new dedicated page will feature a wide variety of informative resources, guidance and article to help professionals, parents and teachers understand the subject of Digital Wellbeing and how they can support young people who are navigating through online worlds.

Across the next couple of months, we will be exploring what digital wellbeing means, the factors that contribute to it, as well as its impact on young lives.

What’s Included?

Whether you just want to know the definition of digital wellbeing, or perhaps become more frequented with influencer culture, our range of supporting articles and printable resources are on hand to help! Take a look at what is in store for you:

Alongside these exclusive articles we will also be guiding you through some of our services that can support the wellbeing of young people in your care; including ProjectEVOLVE and Whisper.

With more articles and resources to be released over the coming weeks, be sure to check out our website, the Digital Wellbeing Hub, and our social media channels for all of the latest from the SWGfL team. You can even sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with all of the above and more!

Discover our Digital Wellbeing Hub

Image Credit: Prateek Katyal

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