Intimate Image Abuse: Why our website is a resource for everyone

Intimate Image Abuse: Why our website is a resource for everyone

Not everyone who visits is a victim of ‘revenge porn’ or the more accurate term ‘intimate image abuse’. Some are visiting the site simply for more information, to find out what intimate image abuse is, how it’s a form of abuse or what the law says about it. The website is designed for a broad audience including victims, friends, family, police, social workers and researchers. The about intimate image abuse section answers many of their questions, breaking down information into eight sections to examine the different aspects of intimate image abuse:

  • What is Intimate Image Abuse?
  • Who Commits Intimate Image Abuse?
  • Why and Where is it Shared?
  • Victims of Intimate Image Abuse
  • English and Welsh Law
  • Scottish and Irish Law
  • Other Legislation
  • Help for Victims Outside the UK

By educating ourselves with the facts about intimate image abuse we can start conversations in our relationships and peer groups, and prevent people from becoming victims or bystanders. Intimate image abuse happens and victims should never be blamed, but we believe education is key to prevention.

Visit the Revenge Porn Helpline to learn more.

Our website’s aims are to provide clear and easy to follow advice for victims, and educate the general public about intimate image abuse. As we further develop we are keen to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please visit the Revenge Porn Helpline for contact information. 

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