Internet Matters release new Social Media Online Safety Hub

Internet Matters release new Social Media Online Safety Hub

The hub was created in response to the way the internet has evolved through the years, now becoming the most accessible resource for all ages. With social media being one of the most common forms of communication in the way we connect with others, the online risks associated need to be equally addressed as well as the need to empower safe use.

Internet Matters have compiled some very helpful guidance to ensure your social media activity is handled safely along with allowing parents and carers the opportunity to learn about potential risks and how to engage effectively with their child’s social media activity. There’s also a range of resources, games, and guides that you can use together to equip young people with the skills needed to connect safely with others online.

The hub is divided into sections, tailored for each audience with their own step by step guides and video options. The website offers:

Advice for Young People

  • First Steps: Advice and preparation to make sure you are ready for social media.
  • Do the Basics: Quick tips on how to review and set up your social media account.
  • The Hard Stuff: how to protect yourself from things that you might see or encounter online.

Advice for Parents and Carers

  • Know the Facts: Get insight into the impact that social media can have on young people.
  • First Steps: Advice and preparation to make sure your child is ready for social media.
  • Do the Basics: Learn how to make use of settings and tools to ensure a safer space online.
  • The Hard Stuff: Help your child manage online risks, advice and tips on how to support.
  • Things to do Together
  • First Steps: Introduction to activities and how they prepare you for connecting with others.
  • Do the Basics: Activities and resources to use with your child in preparation for social media.
  • The Hard Stuff: Activities to help their understanding of online issues and coping strategies.

Helpful Tools

  • Glossary of Terms: An understanding of online safety terms and slang.
  • Apps and Tools: A recommended list of apps and tools for parents and young people to use.
  • Safety Guides: Providing advice to empower young people to connect safely online.

There’s also a helpful section at the bottom with some of the most popular pages to access from all of the sections above.

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