SWGfL - Working for Academies

SWGfL - Working for Academies

As more and more schools convert to academy status or or join federations, being able to connect together safely AND securely is essential.

Safety and Security has always been at the heart of SWGfL; providing schools with safe, reliable and affordable products to support and enhance learning for children in school.

From online safety to broadband connections, SWGfL provide a variety of solutions to support schools within multi academy trusts.

Through Virtual Private Networks, multiple schools can be connected together remotely, enabling a safe, secure way to share services and resources. You can feel safe knowing your network is with SWGfL.

But it’s not just the network, SWGfL offers a number of products, including Online Safety BOOST and 360data, which can be discounted when purchased through the aggregated power of a MAT.

First Federation

First Federation Trust began in 2006 as one of the first Primary federations in the country and has grown to include fourteen primaries and a Teaching School. In 2016 The First Federation Trust was named the second highest performing primary academy trust / local authority in the country.

In order to take advantage of many of the services out there, from cloud technology, to VPN’s, its essential to have good connectivity.

All of the Trusts’ sites are connected with SWGfL, via superfast broadband. In some cases Superfast hasn’t always been available, and we have worked to deploy the best available alternative solutions, and even supported one school through a Community Funding bid to have Fibre to the Premises (FttP) deployed.

By having all the MAT’s sites with SWGfL, they have been able to make significant savings on their connections.

“Working with SWGFL provides the Trust with a single point of contact, they understand our schools and the problems we face being in a rural community.” Carol Chapman, Chief Operating Officer

Making IT simple

SWGfL have policy based routing and firewalls that permit traffic to flow between sites, when requested. Because of the way SWGfL’s network is set up, this traffic does not even pass over the internet, ensuring its security and optimising performance of each school network.

Because SWGfL’s service is hosted, it means no appliances are required on site for firewalls or filtering, reducing maintenance charges and eliminating a single point of failure in hardware.

SWGfL provide a fully managed service. Knowing that your firewalls, filtering, DNS and even your IPs are managed on your behalf means you can save significant amounts of money in terms of onsite visit required for IT support. We monitor your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means we will know if there is a problem before you do!

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