How have SWGfL explored the use of Artificial Intelligence?

How have SWGfL explored the use of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has come to the forefront of technology, particularly in the last year. Within the online safety field, the technology poses substantial risks (as seen through the work of our UK Safer Internet Centre partners, The Internet Watch Foundation) but also provides a number of benefits, allowing ideas to grow and develop in a much more innovative way.  

AI has very much been on our radar, and we have explored this topic in detail, allowing us to understand the negatives and positives that AI can bring, whilst providing support to those in need. In our latest article, we look at our ever-growing work within this field.  

Using AI to support victims of harm - Developing Minerva  

Minerva is our latest platform to support those affected by online and offline harm. We have utilised appropriate AI technologies with the development of Minerva, to find the most effective processes that will give users the vital help that they need.  

Minerva uses machine learning technology, and natural language processing to understand interactions and signpost users to the most appropriate and beneficial support. This use of AI demonstrates an innovative use of the technology, showcasing a user-friendly approach to provide intelligent, supportive questioning; directing users and allowing for potential greater understanding of the harm that was being faced.

Alongside these positive attributes, we are aware of the challenges and limitations to the use of AI technology, including accuracy, bias and the necessity for continual training of the dataset, which we are continuing to explore, as the platform develops. 

As we continue to explore the opportunities with the development of AI in Minerva, this helps us to define the direction of the platform, using the most effective and positive approaches to support adults across the UK. The inclusion of machine learning technology provides a positive foundation for us to build from, in the early stages of this platform's progression.  

To understand more about the concept of Minerva, please visit our website.  

Learn more about Minerva 

SWGfL AI Hub – Guidance and Resources for Teachers and Professionals 

As with the prominence of AI, our ‘AI Topic Hub’ has been a popular source of information, guidance and understanding of this technology, particularly as the use of it within schools becomes more excessive. The Hub explores the impact of AI for teachers and other professionals, alongside the many benefits and factors that may need further consideration.   

Recently the Hub has been updated to provide latest information as well as new opportunities for teachers and students to develop their learning. 

Updates to the Hub include:  

  • FREE lessons about Artificial Intelligence in partnership with South East Regional Organised Crime Unit – Download free lesson activity plans and accompanying PowerPoint slides, to support understanding of AI technology, across Key Stages Two, Three and Four. 

  • Guidance from UK Safer Internet Centre partner, Childnet – exploring the ‘My AI’ feature from Snapchat.  

  • Guidance for School Leaders from The Teacher Development Trust and the International Society for Technology in Education. 

  • AI in Education Survey – European research is being carried out to investigate the current use of AI tools in schools. Professionals can take part in a new survey to support research.  

To access these new updates, latest resources and research, please visit our website.  

Access the AI Topic Hub 

As we look ahead to the AI Safety Summit it’s clear from the work that we have done, alongside the support and guidance that we provide, that AI has not yet reached its full potential. In some ways that makes this technology a positive prospect, and in other ways it means that there are more risks, considerations and limitations that we need to be aware of, as they come to fruition.  

It is hoped that advanced discussion around AI will improve overall knowledge and understanding of this technology and what we are still to expect.  

At SWGfL, we are continuously finding ways to support those using and being impacted by AI and we will continue to do so as this technology progresses. Those who would like to gain a strong, balanced overview and understanding of AI can also attend our next Online Safety Clinic.   

As discussions, research and explorations continue and as AI gains greater prominence, we would like to get to a stage where everyone can experience this technology free from harm.  

As AI develops, we are looking to collaborate with other organisations, to improve public understanding of this technology and to provide further support. If your organisation would be interested please contact:

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