How Can Our Online Safety Training Help?

How Can Our Online Safety Training Help?

Many factors need to be addressed to ensure that young people can stay safe on, and offline. To allow teachers and professionals to address these, we offer a variety of training sessions which cover an array of subjects such as: online safety, cyber security and harmful sexual behaviour.  

Our latest article covers each aspect of training and how they can support professionals and younger age groups. 

Online Safety Training 

Our Online Safety Training is delivered as face to face or virtual sessions. The sessions we provide cover the following subjects:  

  • Online Safety for Children & Young People  

  • Online Safety for School Staff 

  • Online Safety for Parents & Carers 

  • Online Safety for Other Settings  

Each aspect of training is delivered in a way that is informative, with the intention that each audience can use and experience technology in the most beneficial and safe way. Training covers the latest online safety developments and can contribute to how each audience can alter their approach to the online world.  

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Cyber and Information Security Training 

Our Cyber and Information Security Training is designed specifically for schools to respond to online threats. It’s important for school staff to know how they can respond to a cyber incident, to protect their devices, information and young communities from malicious activity.  

This training provides the best practices to schools, to ensure that they can act in the most effective way.  

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Cyber Security Awareness Training 

This training is an interactive way for teachers and education professionals to continuously stay informed about best cyber security practices. The training developed by Mimecast allows professionals to interact with modules, which ensure that they understand more about what a cyber incident looks like and how they should respond.  

The ideal aim of this interactive training is to develop knowledge about cyber security and to make sure that teachers and education professionals have an improved understanding of the subject and how they can implement these practices into their environment.  

Discover Cyber Security Awareness Training from Mimecast 

Harmful Sexual Behaviour Online Training 

Based on the expertise from the Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service practitioners, we now offer video training modules to ensure that teachers, school staff and other professionals can tackle harmful sexual behaviour in their youth environment. Each stage of the training covers how professionals can respond to incidents as well as the policies that can be put in place to respond to future occurrences of harmful sexual behaviour.  

This informative training can be accessed by an individual or can be shared to a team, so anyone within a youth setting has the knowledge they need to tackle such a prevalent issue.  

Find out more about Harmful Sexual Behaviour Online Training 

All of the training that we offer is here to provide information so any age group and profession can stay up to date with the ever changing online world. To find out more about our training and to see how these sessions can support you or the young people in your care, please visit our website.  

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