Google Drive Security Update – What You Need to Know

Google Drive Security Update – What You Need to Know

It is common for platforms and apps to undergo security updates on a regular basis. They allow for new features and updates to be implemented along with fixes to common issues such as bugs and technical problems. Most of the time, users will not be affected, they may not even realise it has occurred and the updates are primarily there to make small changes to improve the user experience.

On some occasions though, it is common for users to be aware of potentially large changes made to platforms as things like data and content may be affected in the process. In light of this, Google has announced that they will be undergoing a security update on Google Drive on the 13th September 2021 that may result in changes to user files and how they are shared with others online.

How Will My Google Drive Be Affected?

This update is primarily being rolled out to make sure user files can be kept more secure when shared. As a result of this, google drive links that have previously been shared with others may update and may need to be shared again for files to be accessed as before. People who are hosting files may also need to allow permissions again for users who have not previously opened links.

It seems as though not all google drive files will be affected though and may only be limited to a small number of files on user accounts. Despite this, google provides a link on individual accounts to see which of your files will be affected if you’re concerned about where disruption will occur.

What Do I Need To Do?

Google has said that while the update is strongly recommended, users can choose not to update if they wish. Specifically, they have highlighted that those who have files that are public may not want to go ahead due to the potential disruption it may cause on a much larger scale.

If you are looking to update your google drive files, ensure you are aware of what files have been affected and whether this will cause any issue with how they have been shared previously. If a shareable file is actively used, it is recommended to send updated links when the rollout occurs and ensure permissions are correctly set as before.

If you want to find out more about how to see which files will be affected or how to manage the security update, take a look at what Google have to say.

Google Drive – Security Update

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