Gina Martin, Adrienne Katz and Graham Lowe Join Series 2 of Online Safety Podcast

Gina Martin, Adrienne Katz and Graham Lowe Join Series 2 of Online Safety Podcast

SWGfL has just released Series 2 of the online safety podcast Interface, in time for the new school year! Last year, the series saw renowned guests such as Bobby Seagull, Leigh Nicol and Natasha Devon join our online safety experts Gareth Cort and Jess McBeath for discussions about their work, whilst advising professionals on what they can do to continue to promote positive online behaviours.

As the new school year has started, we are pleased to introduce a new line-up of guests to kick start the 2nd series of Interface, with Gina Martin, Adrienne Katz and Graham Lowe joining Gareth, Jess and our young presenters for some informative discussion around campaigning, filtering and monitoring and the importance of listening to young people. Discover more about each new episode, below.

Gina Martin – Empowering Young People to Make a Difference    

Gina Martin ran a tireless campaign to criminalise ‘upskirting’ (taking photographs to see up someone’s clothing) when experiencing it herself in 2017. She speaks with Gareth Cort and Ailish Hunter about her experience of online activism whilst giving tips on how teachers can support children and young people to make a difference on important issues they care about.

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Graham Lowe – Filtering and Monitoring Online

Recently updated guidance from the Department for Education on new standards for filtering and monitoring has led to some confusion about what is required for the new school year. SWGfL’s Online Safety Consultant Graham Lowe joins Gareth and Jess to explain in detail what the new standards mean and show that it’s not as complicated as you might think.

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Adrienne Katz – Listening to Children and Young People

The annual schools Cybersurvey has been offering vital insights for safeguarding, online safety education, and student wellbeing since it was first launched by the charity Youthworks in 2008. Adrienne Katz leads the Cybersurvey, and in this episode speaks with Interface’s Gareth Cort and Princess Lawal about what the latest findings show around the issues that children and young people are facing.  

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To keep up-to-date with the latest Interface episodes and to take a listen to our previous guests, make sure you visit our podcast page to find a variety of information. Interface is the one stop place to get up-to-date guidance on current online safety topics and trends, with new episodes released regularly.

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