Getting to Grips with ProjectEVOLVE Knowledge Maps

Getting to Grips with ProjectEVOLVE Knowledge Maps

ProjectEVOLVE is something we love to write about. Aside from discussing the ins and outs of how the toolkit works, it’s just fantastic to talk about how it is developing. Since the launch of the knowledge maps, schools have been enjoying the range of features that are now available, bringing in active discussion into the classroom and seeing how children and young people are responding to common scenarios around digital development.

Now, over 5,000 organisations and over 20,000 professionals are signed up to the toolkit! With everyone now back from half term, it’s the perfect time to jump in and start exploring. When faced with such a big toolkit, it can be a concern whether everything is being used in the correct way, but don’t worry, we’re with you for every step. The knowledge map features are a fantastic way to engage students with their online development. It’s a fun way to create meaningful discussion and gives you valuable insight to where the gaps are in their understanding.

Helpful Video Guide

Ken Corish (ProjectEVOLVE lead and online safety director at SWGfL) has put together this useful video guide around how the knowledge map feature works and how it goes towards planning for what areas of the toolkit to use. It is there to ensure you’re getting the most out of the toolkit and can fully support you in developing your students’ digital development.

To start your ProjectEVOLVE journey, just follow the link below. It's free to sign up and has resources available from early years right up to year 13.


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