Free workshops and resources for primary computing

We hope you had a lovely, relaxing summer. The holidays may be over, but the Barefoot Computing Project is here to help you get set for teaching computer science and computational thinking this term!

If you hadn’t already heard, Barefoot is packed full of FREE resources to help primary school teachers show their pupils the power of computational thinking - the building blocks of the digital world.

Barefoot provides:

  • Free computing / computational thinking lesson plans
  • Free teacher workshops to help get you started

It’s been a big year for Barefoot

Barefoot has already reached a staggering 1.25 million children in the UK.  This means 17% of the UK’s primary pupils are now on the way to having the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Last year was Barefoot’s best year yet, but we are determined to make next year even better, reaching even more primary pupils to give them the skills they need to thrive in their future careers.

FREE New Term Survival Guide

To help give you the best start possible when teaching computing, when you book your first Barefoot workshop, we’re offering a ‘New Term Survival Guide’ (NTSG) to get your school year off to a cracking start!

Barefoot’s NTSG has been designed by teachers to help you get the most out of Barefoot when you get started.

It will help you plan cross-curricular lessons, incorporating computational thinking elements, while building your confidence in the concepts.

Most importantly, it will help you and your pupils have fun whilst learning valuable, career-building skills.

The New Term Survival Guide contains:

  • An easy introduction to Barefoot
  • Five kick-start resources including lesson plans and activities
  • All your questions answered in our FAQs
  • Quick ideas to help get you started

How do I get one?

If you’re not already registered as a teacher do this here, when you click Register you will be able to sign up for a FREE Barefoot workshop for your school between 1 September until 31 October.

To be eligible the workshop needs to be held by 31 December. When booking your workshop, please enter the code “007” in the campaign box when you make your request.

A professionally trained volunteer local to you will visit your school, at a time to suit you, and deliver a workshop.

They will help support you and your colleagues in using Barefoot and its resources in a hands-on 90-minute session.

Book your workshop today and grab your school a free New Term Survival Guide!

The Barefoot Team

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