Free Lesson Plans Available for Artificial Intelligence

Free Lesson Plans Available for Artificial Intelligence

SWGfL have worked with the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) to produce free lesson plans for schools, all about artificial intelligence. The lesson plans are available for Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 and cover a variety of areas surrounding AI that are applicable to each age group.

Artificial intelligence is an area we are seeing more focus on as technology becomes increasingly accessible towards younger age groups. It’s important for educators to understand how to introduce this topic into discussions and utilise activities that create classroom awareness around how artificial intelligence is impacting established behaviours and technology.

Artificial Intelligence Lesson Plans

For each Key Stage (outlined above), we’re providing educators with a free activity plan to work through alongside a supporting PowerPoint presentation to run in the classroom. Included are discussion points and activities with outcome criteria to meet. For each Key Stage, we explore the following:

  • Key Stage 2: This lesson activity plan helps pupils understand how machine learning works and some of the risks and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence.
  • Key Stage 3: This lesson activity plan looks at how artificial intelligence systems are trained and how these can positively improve student work.
  • Key Stage 4: This lesson activity plan includes considerations around bias, ethics and copyright in artificial intelligence systems.

The resources are available for free and can be downloaded from our Artificial Intelligence hub.

Artificial Intelligence Hub

The AI Topic Hub is an ideal place for insights, guidance, and support on the ever-increasing role that AI has within educational settings. Delving into the effects on schools, it unpacks the advantages and essential considerations that professionals need to be aware of. Notably, the Hub has undergone a recent update, offering the most current information for both teachers and students to expand their educational horizons.

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