Facebook Privacy and Safety Checklist Updated for 2024

Facebook Privacy and Safety Checklist Updated for 2024

Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms for users to connect with one another. As many of us use the platform for socialising, questions about privacy and security are common and more support may be needed. Our new and updated Facebook Checklist for 2024 offers a comprehensive guide designed to address the common queries users may have about their Facebook profiles.

What is the Facebook Checklist?

The Facebook Checklist serves as a handy resource, offering quick and concise answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Facebook privacy and settings. Whether you're a seasoned Facebook user or a newcomer, this guide provides valuable insights into securing your profile, managing your content, and controlling your overall experience.

Key Questions Addressed by the Facebook Checklist

  1. Privacy Settings: Learn about the various privacy settings available on Facebook and understand how to tailor them to your needs. From controlling who sees your posts to managing friend requests, the checklist guides you through how to safeguard your personal information.
  2. Reporting Abuse: Discover how to report any inappropriate behaviour or content on Facebook. The checklist outlines the steps to take if you encounter abuse, working towards a safer and more respectful online community.
  3. App and Game Control: Take charge of your digital experience by understanding how to manage the apps and games connected to your Facebook account. The checklist provides insights into permissions, access, and ways to ensure your data remains secure.
  4. Content Visibility: Find out who can see your content. The Facebook Checklist outlines how to set audience selection for your posts, ensuring that you share your updates with the right people.
  5. Ad Management:  If you’re tired of irrelevant ads cluttering your feed, the checklist walks you through the process of managing the ads you see, giving you more control over the content that appears on your timeline.
  6. Friends List Management: Learn how to curate your friend list with ease. Whether you want to organise your connections into specific lists or review friend requests, the checklist empowers you to maintain control over who you connect with.
  7. Account Deactivation: Should you ever decide to take a break from Facebook, the checklist provides a step-by-step guide to deactivate your account. This feature ensures that your information remains secure during your break.

The Facebook Checklist is a valuable resource for users seeking to navigate the platform with more confidence around privacy and security. Teachers, parents and carers can also access the resource to guide and inform young people in their care.

By addressing common concerns and providing clear, actionable steps, this guide helps individuals to take control of their experience.

SWGfL currently offers the checklist as a free download, and printed copies will be available to purchase from our store soon!

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