Exploring Media Literacy - What Was Discussed?

Exploring Media Literacy - What Was Discussed?

Last week saw one of our last online events take place for the year. Having already worked with Facebook on Online Safety Day and Bitdefender with Cyber Secure Schools, we were pleased to join with TikTok this month for Exploring Media Literacy. Hundreds of professionals joined us for a two-hour session around what information, resources and advice there was around media literacy.

We were joined by some of the leading professionals who shared their latest information as well as took questions from the audience at the end. If you missed the session, don’t worry, we’ve compiled all the resources that were talked about and made them available on our event page. Also check out the below for a breakdown of what was discussed.

Exploring Media Literacy Resources

Guest Speakers and Topics

Yazmin How (TikTok) - Yazmin How opened up the session by making a short introduction about TikTok as well as showcasing some of the interesting ways teachers have been using the online platform. She also played a video around a trending hashtag #LearnonTikTok and showed how the audience could get involved.

David Wright (Director of UK Safer Internet Centre at SWGfL) - David Wright briefly spoke around the topics for the event as well as introducing the speakers that were due to present. He also introduced some of our tools and resources from SWGfL that are designed to assist professionals working with children and young people including 360Safe.

Claire Levens (Ofcom) - Claire Levens spoke in detail around the latest publication from Ofcom and the latest information they have around how to approach media literacy. In particular, she broke down the ways of approach with titles including Research, Engage, Evaluate, Initiate and Establish with an open call at the end to get feedback from the audience.

Rachel Beggs (DCMS) - Rachel Beggs began her session by talking about the Governments Online Media Literacy Strategy launched earlier this year. She broke down some of the key findings across the UK media literacy landscape as well as some of the challenges that are being faced, in particular with hard-to-reach audiences.

Liz Kanter and Tash Ahmed (TikTok) - Liz Canter started TikTok’s session by speaking around the latest policy and safety features for the online platform. She talked about the moderation process towards harmful content and the community guidelines enforcement they have put in place. Tash Ahmed then spoke about the latest research into Harmful Online Challenges conducted by Praesidio Safeguarding and the steps TikTok was taking to respond to the findings

Carmel Glassbrook (Professionals Online Safety Helpline) - Carmel began her talk by explaining what the Professionals Online Safety Helpline does to support professionals with online safety as well as the resources and work with industry they do. She shared information around what the helpline has seen throughout the last couple of months in regards to fake online accounts targeting schools and what the response has been to get the accounts removed.

Ken Corish (ProjectEVOLVE lead) - Ken Corish finished off the session by talking around the impact of ProjectEVOLVE as well as how teachers working with children and young people have been using the toolkit. He shared the latest statistics and figures brought forward from the recent knowledge map feature and highlighted where some of the strengths and weakness are when it came to online development.

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