Essential products and services to support in 2024

Essential products and services to support in 2024

The festive period is upon us, and during this time schools, colleges and organisations will be closing their doors and looking ahead to the new year. Before we celebrate the holidays we also wanted to look ahead to 2024, to highlight the support that will be available to teachers and professionals; allowing them to guide and protect the young people in their care, who are facing online and offline challenges.  

Read below to discover a variety of essential products and services. 

Anonymous Reporting with Whisper  

Whisper is our anonymous reporting tool, that can be used by schools and organisations as part of an effective approach to safeguarding. Whisper provides students, parents and teachers with a safe and secure way to talk to a trusted adult (such as designated safeguarding leads) about worries, concerns and challenges.  

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Assisted Monitoring Service 

Our Assisted Monitoring Service (provided in partnership with Senso) supports schools to monitor and flag harmful online content and abuse. Having monitored over 140,000 devices, AMS allows schools to better safeguard students against harmful and inappropriate online behaviour.   

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AI Guidance and Support 

AI is becoming more and more prominent, and will in no doubt continue to grow as we see new tools and technologies being released. As with all new technology, the young people in your care will be curious to use it and it’s important to ensure that they are doing so in the safest way imaginable. Our AI hub allows schools and professionals to respond to this growing use of AI, through guidance, considerations and free lesson plans.  

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Essential Training  

As trends and online risks develop, it’s important for teachers, safeguarding staff and other professionals to develop their knowledge, to respond to challenges faced by the young people in their care. Through our essential and comprehensive training options, you can improve your understanding of online safety, cyber security and harmful sexual behaviour.  

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Online Development with ProjectEVOLVE 

The ProjectEVOLVE community has been growing more than ever this year and our free digital literacy toolkit has now empowered over 14,000 schools with their online development. ProjectEVOLVE provides curriculum material, resources and tools to allow teachers to guide and improve knowledge of those within their classroom, as they face a variety of online scenarios. ProjectEVOLVE is there for children and young people to improve their understanding of many topics, and in 2024 ProjectEVOLVE EDU will be launched to support the knowledge and skills of school staff. Remember to check back in the new year to learn more about this! 

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Prioritise Cyber Security  

Responding to cyber security threats and attacks is another important aspect of online safety, as risks evolve alongside technology. Schools and staff can protect data, information, devices and their community with our range of cyber security services.

We’ve partnered with a variety of renowned organisations to provide essential software, training, data protection services and audits, to allow for an improved approach and response toward malicious activity. We have also developed our free cyber security tool, for the Department for Education supporting schools with their cybersecurity practices and whilst also supporting policy development. Read more about CyberSecure Check for Schools.  

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The above provides a snapshot of the support available to teachers and professionals during and beyond the new year. Each service and product has been specially developed to help those with young people in their care to respond to emerging risks whilst safeguarding those in need.  

Our support doesn’t stop there as our free Helplines also provide vital support. Professionals who have been impacted by online issues can contact the Professionals Online Safety Helpline, whilst anyone over the age of 13 can get in touch with Report Harmful Content; a national reporting service that supports those affected by legal but harmful online content. Finally, adults over the age of 18 that have been impacted by intimate image abuse can access vital support and information from the Revenge Porn Helpline.  

Together, with our services, products and supportive Helplines, we can ensure the safe and secure use of online technology. To discover and access further support for your community, please visit our website.  

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