Empower Children, Eliminate Bullying

Empower Children, Eliminate Bullying

We have great pleasure in announcing the brand new and FREE Anti Bullying Resource Enable.

Behind the scenes the team has been very busy working with partners like the Diana Awards and other partners across Europe in developing a FREE resource pack for students, teachers, parents and campaigners in the battle to eliminate bullying in all it’s forms.

The resource is free of charge and breaks down into a number of elements, it educates staff/students and parents/carers about what bullying is, how to deal with it and practical measures that can be put in place to prevent it happening and minimise the impact on an individual.

There is also an amazing peer support program encouraging students to reflect on their behaviour and ultimately create a culture where students speak out about bullying, support each other and respect each other’s differences.

To find out more, and to access the resources please visit the ENABLE Project

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