Edtesa – Launching soon!

Edtesa – Launching soon!

At SWGfL, we have spent 20 years being at the forefront of online safety policy and practice. Our work has been dedicated to empower the safe and secure use of technology through innovative services, tools, content and policy, nationally and globally.

Up until now, our work has been dedicated to advise schools, public bodies and industry on appropriate actions to take in regards to safeguarding and advancing positive online safety policies with the sole purpose to ensure that ‘Everyone can benefit from technology, free from harm’

Now, we are taking our expertise and applying it to the world of business! We don’t want to give too much away, but we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Edtesa!

What is Edtesa?

Edtesa offers something new, exciting and just so happens to be launching very soon! This new company is a subsidiary to SWGfL and will be focused on the online safety and wellbeing of the modern workplace. Education has always been (and will always continue to be) SWGfL’s place to advise, support and guide. But now, Edtesa can focus on a new setting - the work environment.

Much like education, the modern business needs to ensure it is protected. Not only that, it needs to be confident in navigating an ever-changing digital age and essentially, be prepared to adapt and evolve alongside.

The last year in particular has caused many organisations throughout the world to change their strategy and adapt to a new way of working. This in itself has opened up questions about how they can maintain a safe and secure working environment when it has become so much harder to manage in the current climate.

More people in the workplace are working online, making communication and internal awareness difficult. The boundaries and restrictions may be holding many organisations back from developing their staff and ensuring they are safe and feel positive about their work.

As well as that, businesses need to feel they are ahead of the game and are fully aware of how they are sustaining their business in the modern age. How are they keeping up? How are they keeping their business and staff safe and most importantly, protected? It’s questions like these that Edtesa is here for!

Edtesa – Online Solutions for the Workplace

Edtesa is due to launch on the 6th April 2021. A range of products are due to be launched that are there to assist organisations with their online safety, communication, reputation management and wellbeing practice. We are so excited to delve into the world of business and support wherever we can.

Our new website will be available very soon. For now, why not leave your name and email and be the first to hear about the launch.

View Edtesa Website

As well, why not check out the new social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) and give us a like or follow? They’ll be plenty of content coming soon – just stay tuned!

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