Driving down prices to support schools

Driving down prices to support schools

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When schools can’t afford toilet rolls, let alone teachers, we must fight

Pupils at a school ask to clean their classrooms as school cuts bite

Every year schools are faced with budget cuts, and every year they feel more extreme than the last. This year has been no exception. In fact it’s probably been one of the worst, with secondary schools set to be up to £300,000 worse off and primaries over £70,000 poorer. That’s the equivalent of losing up to 6 teaching posts in some cases.

But that’s not all.

Do more with less

With the introduction of the new computer curriculum in 2014, schools have a “statutory duty to offer a broad and balanced curriculum that prepares pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world”

There are two main areas of focus; the computer science itself (the ideas and principles that underpin how digital technology works) and how these sit alongside the practical experience of programming.

Whilst many of these ideas have long been taught as “unplugged” activities, there’s no denying children of today are born into a digital world. We need to teach them how to become digitally literate in order to be active participants in this new world.

So how can schools expand and develop their technology and ICT whilst facing drastic cuts? iPads certainly don’t grow on trees, and you can’t sharpen a laptop if the end snaps off!

Every little helps

We are a not-for-profit charitable trust who's primary objective is to help schools with the safe and secure use of technology, as part of that objective we provide safe, secure, reliable and affordable internet connectivity to schools. We don't make a profit on the internet connections we provide.

We know though that sometimes this hasn’t been enough and we have been challenged that our prices have not always been competitive. We have worked tirelessly with suppliers to drive down costs, the savings passed on directly to you the customer.

By working with suppliers to reduce pricing over three year contracts we have been able to help schools secure affordable superfast connectivity. Meanwhile recent reductions in fibre costs has meant that some schools are now able to upgrade their connections AND save money.

Can I have a slice of that pie, please?

To see if you are eligible for a better deal, visit our School Internet Service pages or please contact the SIS team on 0345 601 3203 or email using the contact form.

Terms and conditions apply.

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