Discover Our New Gaming Hub!

Discover Our New Gaming Hub!

With Safer Internet Day 2022 being all about the theme of gaming, we thought we would expand some of our content to give you all you need to know about this rich topic, for the month of February! Gaming is such a vast subject and it’s easy to just relate it to our old consoles that sit in the living room. Needless to say, it covers a much wider ground!

We have set up a new hub which takes you through various aspects of gaming, from parental controls, to purchasing, to advertising, to ESports. We even look ahead towards what the future may hold. So if you’re new to gaming, an experienced gamer, or want to find ways to support a young passionate gamer, they’ll be something here for you!

Take a look below to see what we’ve delved into.

What’s Included?

The gaming hub takes you on an introductory journey through the world of gaming before fleshing out some of the finer topics. Our range of supporting articles include:

We also have an extensive range of what privacy and security settings are available for some of the most well-known platforms, along with some engaging videos to dive into. Take a look and discover more about gaming right here:

Gaming Hub

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