NCSC Release New Cyber Security Game

NCSC Release New Cyber Security Game

The National Cyber Security Centre has released a new game to help children and young people learn about cyber security. Cyber Sprinters is a runner game that can be played online and is aimed at children aged between 7 – 11. The game was developed to be used in educational settings by professionals but can also be played independently.

Cyber Security Questions

The game takes important questions around online safety and applies them to a setting that will be familiar to young people. Users play as a cyber-sprinter and the goal is to get as far as you can until your battery runs out. As you move along, you collect cyberspheres and try to dodge oncoming cyber-attacks.

If you want to increase your battery life, you’ll need to answer a cyber-security question to advance. The questions are varied and cover a wide spectrum of security including:

  • Managing passwords
  • Handling devices
  • Email awareness  

Examples of some of the questions could revolve around:

  • Creating two factor authentication
  • Spotting a phishing email
  • Updating and backing up personal devices

With each question you answer, there’s a cyber-security fact to back it up. As you go along, you’ll also come across obstacles that will stop you in your tracks. In these instances, you’ll need to complete a mini-game in order to continue. These again, take on cyber security scenarios such as protecting devices or storing data.

Staying Informed and Protected

Games such as Cyber Sprinters can help young people to develop their understanding of important online safety messages in a fun and engaging way. Whether professionals or parents want to play alongside, it can create discussions around cyber security in an accessible way.

Cyber Sprinters is free to play and is available in English and Welsh. Don’t get caught!

Cyber Sprinters

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