Cyber Security – Responding to Recent Threats

Cyber Security – Responding to Recent Threats

Protecting yourself and others from cyber security threats is an important part of staying safe online. For many people, a strong password is thought to be enough to keep our data safe, but as recent news has shown, cyber-attacks can happen anywhere and to any organisation, and it is important to think ahead to prevent and protect your school, college or organisation from cyber security threats.

This article will guide you through the steps you can take to increase your online security, and the services we can provide to help your school stay informed about data protection and online security.

Implementing cyber safety practices can help to protect your community from any malicious activity online, and with so much personal and confidential data in possession, it is important to make sure your establishment has a robust review and training process in place to understand where any strengths or weaknesses lie within your cyber and information security policies and approach.

Staying Informed

Technology is constantly changing, and it is important that all of your staff are trained and up to date on the best practices and approaches to cyber security threats and activity. For your establishment, the result of a cyber-attack can cause significant disruption and data breaches, so remaining alert to the latest online security threats and guidance is important.


To ensure school staff can appropriately identify and respond to an attack, we provide cyber security training courses that are designed specifically with schools in mind. Our Cyber & Information Security Training draws upon real-world experiences from specialists. In partnership with CySecAware we have created comprehensive training suited to those who want to protect their school's information, data, and devices.

We also provide Mimecast’s Cyber Security Awareness Training at a specialised price for education establishments, to ensure that all staff know how to protect data and information from cyber-criminals. Mimecast’s training improves defences against cyberattacks by highlighting how common human errors can lead to devastating consequences. Primarily, this training equips all staff with the tools to respond to prevent attacks and threats from taking place.

Reviewing Your Security

As training is vital to making sure your staff are up to date on the latest cyber security developments, it is also important to ensure that your security policies and approach to information security are working effectively, something which you can do through comprehensive audits.

By undertaking our Cyber and Information Security Audit your school can receive tailored security advice that covers 23 aspects of cyber and information security. The audit helps your school to understand risks and identify areas of strength and areas for development, all in an accessible and approachable format. After undertaking an audit, our consultants can build a plan that allows you to improve how your school is addressing online security.

Preventing and Protecting

As part of making sure the devices that your staff and students use are safe from threats and attacks, we encourage all schools and colleges to implement reliable security software. At negotiated pricing, we offer security software from Bitdefender which is trusted by the professionals and schools that we support.

Bitdefender software ensures that networks are protected from different types of malware, ransomware, phishing, and threats. You can find out more about the different levels of protection and options available here.

Further Information

If you are interested in strengthening your establishment's response to cyber security, we provide a series of resources and services that you can access through the link below.

Information Security & Data Protection

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