Cyber Security Audits Now Available

Cyber Security Audits Now Available

We are pleased to offer a new tool that can assist schools with their cyber-security duties. Security must remain a continual focus as the risks posed by cyber-attacks can have devastating consequences for those who fall victim.

A recent report we launched with the University of Kent and Bitdefender showed that 48% of schools who reported a cyber-attack were hit by ransomware whilst 31% of respondents said they do not have an IT security policy in place.

To respond to the alarming occurrence of these threats, our new Cyber Security Audit tool can assist schools with reviewing their security practice and help them identify areas that need addressing.

What Does The Audit Provide?

The tool offers schools an in-depth analysis, which covers 23 aspects of cyber and information security. The review essentially identifies where strengths and areas of concern are so they can develop and work towards improvement.

The tool covers three areas within a school: People, Systems and Organisations. This broad focus makes the information accessible whilst assessing risks more accurately in terms of where they are being seen and how they can affect specific areas, giving you extensive oversight of what is going on in your setting.

After identifying strengths and issues, the audit will build a prioritised plan to help you work towards improvement. This plan can support you in accelerating your development, whilst targeting resources in areas where they are needed most. From this information, you can find the correct service to help resolve the issues identified.

Why Do I Need a Cyber Security Audit?

Understanding your school systems to their fullest may seem like a daunting task but it is a responsibility worth taking on. The amount of cyber-attacks that have been seen targeting the education field shows that more work is needed to protect their establishments. Having a broad overview of where gaps are in your cyber-security empowers you to respond and resolve any issues in an efficient manner.

Once a cyber-attack is carried out, it can take considerable amounts of time and resources to fully recover. Understanding where the gaps are, gives you important oversight into where you are at risk. Having the audit break down security performance across a number of areas can also make the information more accessible and focussed, giving you specific direction towards where improvement is needed.

Book Cyber Security Audit

If you would like to know more about this, please go to our product page to find out more. We provide separate packages for smaller or larger school schools that each have different services we provide. Take action on your cyber security responsibilities and work towards being safe and secure.

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