Current Global Events - Responding to Online Harm

Current Global Events - Responding to Online Harm

The conflict in Israel that is currently being covered across the entire world will understandably be causing a lot of upset and concern for many individuals right now. With distressing events taking place, many online platforms are seeing a shift in the types of content being shared, not just from adults, but from children and young people as well. Scenarios showing real-world harm can be extremely distressing and can unfortunately incite other toxic behaviours such as abuse, racism, violence and threats online.

Encourage Support Routes

With the news being actively broadcast on a constant basis through social media and other platforms, schools and individuals may be finding themselves more impacted by the current events as they continue to develop. It is important that support is provided during this time with professionals allowing safe spaces to talk through any concerns with their students whilst ensuring communication channels are open for those in need.   

With so much content that is potentially harmful online, parents also need to be aware of current reporting routes that are available whilst ensuring staff and students are aware of where to go for help. A lot of what we see online may be informing us about the current situation, but despite this, there is also content that may be solely put out to cause fear, incite harm or target specific people.

Report Harmful Content

If you have seen or encountered something online that is harmful, visit Report Harmful Content to get advice on how best to report content. With specific links to industry, Report Harmful Content can help guide anyone over the age of 13 towards the correct reporting route and review and escalate content if it has already been reported but not taken down. If you are looking to respond to a specific concern such as Hate Crime, you can access specific guidance on their advice pages. Schools and organisations can also signpost their communities to Report Harmful Content by uploading the Report Harmful Content Button to their website for free. 

Report Harmful Content

If you are a professional and have an online safety concern that you don’t know how to respond to, you can call the Professionals Online safety helpline on 0344 381 4772 or email

Further Support Routes

Childline:  Offering support to children under the age of 19. Call: 0800 1111.

The Mix: Support for anyone under the age of 25. Contact them on: 0808 808 4994.

YoungMinds provides free 24/7 text support to young people in the UK who are facing mental health difficulties. Text YM to 85258

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