Childnet Film Competition 2021 Entries Now Open

Childnet Film Competition 2021 Entries Now Open

Our partners at Childnet have opened up their annual Film Competition entries again for the twelfth year running. This competition allows young enthusiastic filmmakers to get creative and show off their skills in creating short videos or storyboards around a certain online safety topic. This year, Childnet have followed on from Safer Internet Day and have chosen the theme of ‘Separating Fact from Fiction: Finding Trustworthy Information Online’. This topic alone got thousands of people discussing its importance for Safer Internet Day, and now it’s time for young people to show off what they’ve learnt.

Who is the Competition For?

The competition is open to anyone aged between 7 – 18 years old. There are three categories available to send your entries to, these include Primary (7-11), Secondary (11-18) or a general storyboard category.

Childnet are looking for filmmakers to convey a strong positive message that highlights the importance of the topic that can also educate other young people about online safety. This is not about flashy equipment, sound editing or polish, this is about the message you’re trying to deliver and the creativity behind the idea. What’s fantastic is, there’s plenty of creative freedom to be had in how you want to create your film, it’s very much down to you.

How Do I Get Involved?

Childnet have opened entries up until the 1st June 2021. Finalists will then be shortlisted and winners will be announced on 1st July 2021. They have also provided tips about filmmaking and storyboarding as well as tips on copyright and music so you’ve well prepared to get going. To find out more about how to enter as well as reading up on the guidelines, you can visit the Childnet website to get the full info.

Childnet Film Competition

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