Catch Up On The SWGfL Podcast - Interface!

Catch Up On The SWGfL Podcast - Interface!

In September, we launched Interface, our informative online safety podcast which guides educators and professionals through a number of prevalent, technology related online safety topics. As we look ahead to episode 7 of Interface, we wanted to give you a quick rundown of the previous 6, as well as an opportunity to listen to an episode of your choice!

Episode 1: Bobby Seagull on Social Media and Teaching 

In this first episode of Interface our podcast team sat down with maths teacher, TV quiz guru, and social media enthusiast, Bobby Seagull to explore social media’s impact on teaching. Listen to episode 1:

Episode 2: Teachers and Safety with TikTok's Alexandra Evans

Alexandra Evans who is TikTok's Head of Safety Public Policy for Europe, joined our team for an in-depth chat about teachers and TikTok. Take a listen, here:

Episode 3: Harmful Sexual Behaviour And Where to Find Support

Between January – October the Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service helped over 700 professionals to tackle harmful sexual behaviour in their youth environment, whilst also supporting professionals to put effective safeguarding policies in place. In episode 3 of our podcast, the team spoke to Carmel Glassbrook and Victoria Green about the service, the prevalence of harmful sexual behaviour and how professionals can respond to incidents. Take a listen, here:

Episode 4: ''Help, my School's Been Hacked!" With Sir Dan Moynihan and NCSC Experts 

For Cyber Security Awareness Month this episode explored security risks and attacks in schools. The team heared from Sir Dan Moynihan, whose Harris Schools Federation faced a devastating cyber-attack and subsequent blackmail attempt. The team were also joined by NCSC experts. Hear from all of the episode's guests, in episode 4:

Episode 5: Anti-Bullying: Alex Holmes of The Diana Award

Alex Holmes is one of the UK's best known anti-bullying campaigners and is Deputy CEO of the Diana Award organisation. For 2022’s Anti-Bullying Week, Alex joined our presenters to speak about the impact of bullying on young people and how the issue can be tackled. Hear from Alex, here:

Episode 6: Intimate image abuse with 'revenge porn' survivor footballer Leigh Nicol

Episode 6 explored the impact of the non-consensual sharing of intimate images online. Our team spoke with Crystal Palace footballer and NCII abuse survivor Leigh Nicol about the impact of intimate image abuse and the devastating effect it had on her. This episode also outlines the work of the UK Revenge Porn Helpline as well as how is preventing online intimate image abuse.

This episode explores a difficult subject at length. Although intimate image abuse is an uncomfortable subject, it is a prevalent form of abuse that more people need to be aware of. Find out more about the issue and the services that can support those affected, by listening to episode 6 below:

The first 6 episodes of Interface explored some of the most prominent issues within the area of online safety and safeguarding. We are now looking forward to the next set of episodes which will in no doubt provide more vital guidance and advice to teachers and other professionals. Stay up to date with all of these new episodes from our page or listen to Interface on your favourite platform.

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