Book Your Online Safety Training Session

Book Your Online Safety Training Session

Summer is coming to an end but hopefully the sunshine might stick around for a bit longer. Many of us will be looking ahead to the Autumn term and getting things sorted for the coming months. No doubt, it can be quite a stressful time but hopefully the return to school will also be exciting!

September is a busy time for schools, especially when it comes to gearing up for the new school year. As part of this, one of the main priorities that schools face is ensuring that staff are prepared to manage their online safety responsibilities for the year. It may seem a bit daunting, but we’re here to support with our bespoke training sessions.

Why Do I Need Online Safety Training?     

In our latest UK schools’ online safety policy and practice assessment, it was found that 40% of schools had no staff training in place. This statistic ultimately became one of the biggest weaknesses found throughout the report.

As we’ve said before, the online world is constantly evolving. Things are changing at such a quick pace that it is so easy to get left behind. Despite this, children and young people are constantly moving forward and keeping up, potentially much better than adults are. Whether it’s getting involved in a new app or a latest craze, they’ll always be something ‘new’ on the horizon.

Online safety is a constant priority; it doesn’t just stop when children leave the house. Personal devices are so common that children and young people may be consistently online throughout a typical school day. Incidents can occur at any given time which may involve safeguarding concerns and a need to respond. Schools need to ensure that their online safety knowledge and responsibilities are adhered to so they can prevent, respond and manage incidents effectively if they occur. Promoting a strong base of online safety awareness in any school can go a long way!

What Does Online Safety Training Offer?  

Our sessions offer specialist e-safety training for pupils, staff and parents from the leading online safety experts in the field. We deliver sessions online or face-to-face, it’s entirely up to you!  We have a team of expert consultants who deliver a wide range of internet safety sessions to organisations that work with children and young people from Early Years to Universities, adoption agencies to councils, and everything else in between. With trainers based throughout the whole of the UK, our bespoke sessions are presented in a range of settings nationally and internationally.

The good thing about the sessions is that they are flexible and bespoke to your organisation. If there is a topic that you want to hear more about or are experiencing troubles with, you can request it through our enquiry form and we will find the right expert for you. Start the new year off right and get the essential knowledge you need!

Book Your Training Session

Online Safety Live

We are also taking places for our latest dates for Online Safety Live. Tickets for these events are completely free, with sessions occurring for different parts of the UK. Find your session and book your place!

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