Benefits of Using Report Harmful Content in Schools

Benefits of Using Report Harmful Content in Schools

Supporting children to report harmful content online is an essential part of protecting their wellbeing and ensuring they can develop the digital literacy skills they need to stay safe online.

Ofcom’s annual report, Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes, revealed that 69% of children ages 3-17 went online via mobile phones in 2022, demonstrating how accessible the internet is for many young people.

With so many young people having the internet at their fingertips, we must make sure that young people know where to go for advice if they see something harmful or distressing during their daily online experiences, whether it be whilst using social media, gaming, or exploring websites.

Report Harmful Content

Operated by SWGfL, Report Harmful Content provides a service that supports anyone over 13 to access support and guidance on reporting harmful content across some of the most well-known online platforms.

Ofcom’s report revealed that parents are often concerned about their children’s experiences online, with 70% of parents expressing concern about bullying. Report Harmful Content’s data showed that the service received more reports about bullying and harassment than any other harm, totalling 754 reports in 2022. Due to the number of queries the service has received, the website has created resources explaining what to do if someone is bullied online.

As part of the service, Report Harmful Content offers a child-friendly version of the website, explaining important information about online harms and the steps to take if a young person comes across something harmful.

The advice encourages young people to speak to adults about any content that may be harmful to them and provides information about support services they can contact, such as Childline and The Mix.

Report Harmful Content Button

Additionally, Report Harmful Content provides an innovative button that can be added to any school or organisation's website, enabling users to access expert advice and support at the click of a button.

There are many benefits to enabling the Report Harmful Content button on your school's website, allowing students quick access to information about online harms and reporting methods they may not feel comfortable asking about.

As our 2022 report reveals, the Report Harmful Content website was accessed via reporting buttons downloaded across the UK approximately 11,000 times, demonstrating that young people are looking for more information on how to harmful content and how to report it.

By downloading the button onto their website, schools can provide a continuous reminder about the forms of support available to young people, guiding anyone over the age of 13 through the reporting process, and giving escalation and further investigation when an initial report has been made to industry but no action has been taken.

Schools and organisations can find out how to download the button onto their website by visiting the Report Harmful Content Button website below.

Report Harmful Content Button

Report Harmful Content is open Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, and reports to the service can be made 24/7. A helpline practitioner will review and respond to the report within 72 hours.

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