Barefoot Launch Computing at Home Learning Page

Barefoot Launch Computing at Home Learning Page

Barefoot Computing at home

One of the prime drivers at Barefoot is encouraging our children to be problem solvers so that they have the confidence to tackle all aspects of learning throughout their lives. Teachers encourage pupils to problem-solve every school day and frequently use Barefoot Computational Thinking methods, through well-defined concepts and approaches, to help prepare children for future challenges. To help parents support and promote Computational Thinking, Barefoot has launched a fantastic home learning page on the Barefoot Computing website. This new page provides parents, carers and children with a gentle introduction to understanding Computational Thinking and provides fun tools that can help them learn and practice activities across the curriculum.

Just one click and no need for logins!

Learning Together

Created by teachers, these fun and creative activities, based on Barefoot lessons, help to guide your child through fundamental parts of the computing curriculum without the need for screen time. They include everything you need to get started with activity sheets and accompanying materials.

Mini Missions

These mini activities provide fun ideas to get children practising their computational thinking skills to reinforce learning from school and at home. Parents/carers can continue to build their child’s computing skills in an enjoyable and accessible way - through popular lessons made into easy activities, fun ‘mini-missions’ and even some new interactive online games!

Check out this new resource today and why not share this new page with others; through your school’s PTA and social media.

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