Barefoot Climate Change Resources

Barefoot Climate Change Resources

We need to work together to tackle climate change, so in our resource Climate Champions, pupils of all ages use their digital skills to create and share their own 'Planet Pledge'.

Recycling Warriors sees Key State 1 pupils create a digital painting to highlight the importance of recycling in the fight against climate change.

Planet Protectors enables Lower Key Stage 2 pupils to create a stop motion animation to highlight the impact of plastics in the ocean.

Power Savers fosters Upper Key Stage 2 pupils’ digital creative skills as they plan, film and edit a persuasive video about the climate crisis.

Download the lesson plans now to get started

During COP26, the Barefoot team created three Barefoot Live sessions to demonstrate how to use the apps and programs used in the Climate Champions resource. To help deliver these lessons, why not use the video links below to beam the Barefoot team into your classroom? Ideally, your pupils will have access to the app or program used in the session to follow along individually or in pairs.

KS1 Recycling Warriors – Using PaintZ App

LKS2 – Planet Protectors – Using Stop Motion Studio App

UKS2 – Power Savers – Using Canva to create videos

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