Anti-Bullying Week 2023: How We’re Making a Noise About Bullying

Anti-Bullying Week 2023: How We’re Making a Noise About Bullying

For this year's Anti-Bullying week (November 13th-17th), the Anti-Bullying Alliance unveiled the theme 'Make a Noise About Bullying.' Find out how the SWGfL team have been getting involved and learn more about the services we provide to support those being bullied online. 

Odd Socks Day 

Every year, SWGfL have taken part in Odd Socks Day to mark the start of anti-bullying week, and this year was no exception! Take a look at the team’s jazzy socks this year: 

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Interface Podcast 

For Anti-Bullying Week this year, the Interface Podcast team got together with Roblox’s head of Community, Safety & Civility, Laura Higgins, to discuss all things about the popular gaming platform. The latest Interface podcast looks at how Roblox are working to develop a safe gaming community for young people online. 

Within the episode, the Interface team talk with Laura about the importance of empowering the community to be resilient, confident, and skilled in knowing how to manage their own safety and others online. Laura shares her work with schools and parents to spot signs of something negative and how to talk about things between children and parents about how to resolve conflicts online.  

Take a listen to Jess McBeath and Princess Lawal discuss how to create safe communities online with Laura Higgins here. 

Last year, the Interface team also shared an anti-bullying week podcast with Alex Holmes, one of the best-known anti-bullying campaigners in the UK, and deputy CEO of the Diana Award. Take a listen to Alex’s inspiring work here, alongside guidance for teachers. 

Whisper – Our Anonymous Reporting Tool 

Our anonymous reporting tool, Whisper, enables members of school communities to speak out about concerns, including reporting issues such as bullying or concerns for other people.  

Whisper can be used by students, parents, and staff, and is a great way to enable safeguarding leads and other trusted adults to get a more detailed picture of the situation at hand.  

To find out more about how Whisper can support your school community, you can visit our website. 

Whisper® - Anonymous Reporting Tool

ProjectEVOLVE – Online Bullying Resources 

For last year's Anti-Bullying Week, ProjectEVOLVE released new resources for children aged 3-11 that focused on online bullying.  

These free resources from our online development tool can help students identify scenarios that may be recognised as online bullying, and some of the ways they may respond. The resources also include questions to ask, outcome criteria and supporting activities that can be engaged with in the classroom, alongside a knowledge map to help understand classroom responses. 

Find out more about ProjectEVOLVE 

Report Harmful Content 

Online bullying can include any hurtful language which targets an individual or group of people, trolling, spreading rumours and excluding people from online communities. In the case of harassment, the behaviour is repeated and intended to cause distress. 

For anyone who has witnessed or been affected by online bullying or harassment, you can find out how to report bullying or harassment across most social media sites on the Report Harmful Content website.  

Visit Report Harmful Content 

For anyone who has experienced online bullying, Report Harmful Content also provides support and advice on what to do and the help available to anyone who has been affected. Take a look at the advice page for more information about online bullying and the support available to anyone affected. 

Someone is Bullying Me Online

To access further resources and support, please visit our website.  

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