Another Record Breaking Safer Internet Day!

Another Record Breaking Safer Internet Day!

Safer Internet Day has once again established itself as a leading global event. Statistics in the UK showed us that more than half of young people (54%) aged 8 -17 had heard about Safer Internet Day, while 32% of parents and carers also heard about the day as well. Not only that, but the day itself was supported by over 3000 organisations, making this a record-breaking event! Take a look at the findings below and see how people got involved and what impact the day had towards keeping children and young people safe online.

Safer Internet Day Statistics

Throughout the day, the UK Safer Internet Centre had a variety of activities and events available to schools and other organisations. Data from the UK Safer Internet Centre found that more than 4.7 million young people had heard about Safer Internet Day. Schools and students were getting involved through the educational resources, Safer Internet Day films, virtual assemblies and online quizzes. Further still, our online event, which we ran with Liverpool Football Club, was watched by classrooms all throughout the UK with so many classes signing up for our competition where they could win exclusive Liverpool FC football goodies. Thousands watched as they saw some of the most famous football players discuss our theme of ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online.’ Some of the other findings that were gathered from the impact report have shown that:

  • 80% of young people now feel more confident with what to do if they are worried about something online.
  • 84% have a better understanding of how to stay safe when playing online games
  • 78% are being more careful about what they do and say online including on social media and online gaming
  • 72%  had spoken to someone about staying safe online

(Statistics representing students who were reached)

Impact in Schools

As well as children and young people, professionals in schools were also surveyed to see what impact Safer Internet Day had within their educational establishment. Some of the findings showed that:

  • 91% said that Safer Internet Day helped make pupils more confident about staying safe online
  • 90% of teachers said the day plays a significant role in their school’s online safety provision
  • 41% of teachers said Safer Internet Day led to disclosures about potential safeguarding issues online

Safer Internet Day Impact Report

To get more information about what happened on Safer Internet Day and what impact it had, make sure you take a look at the new impact report and get all the latest findings. It was another record-breaking year for Safer Internet Day through the amount of support and through how many people were reached. It was fantastic to see the amount of people who got involved and have meaningful discussions around how to stay safe online.

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