An Introduction to RM Compare

An Introduction to RM Compare

RM Results is offering a free trial of RM Compare, a tool that helps teachers and school leaders assess student work more quickly and accurately whilst enabling students to learn from their peers. RM Compare encourages educators to assess their markings via comparisons thus making the decision of whether work is good, average or poor much easier than if they were looking at them individually.

The tool uses ACJ (Adaptive Comparative Judgement) to work on the basis that people respond and can process decisions much better when it is based on comparisons. For example, if you look at two drawings side by side, you would be able to tell which one was better and be able to establish a marking rank for both much easier than if you were looking at them separately.  

This theory is applied to educators when they are assessing their class. Using their professional judgement, they can compare individual’s work and develop their marks based on the comparisons.

How Can RM Compare help?

RM Compare can assist in setting the guidelines of where exceptional work lies. It can improve understanding throughout the class of what goals need to be achieved and can develop understanding of where improvements need to be met. If students are transitioning between settings, it can help in what is expected of them in their new surroundings.

It also turns the assessment into a learning process that can engage students to develop their grades through evaluation. This method of comparative judgement has also been proven to increase student attainment.

RM Results are offering a free trial of RM Compare. You can find out more on their page and request a demo to learn more about how comparative judgement can assist in your education.

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