360 Degree Safe Case Study – Empowering a School Community

360 Degree Safe Case Study – Empowering a School Community

With a lot of schools experiencing an unprecedented amount of change over the past year, awareness of online safety has become such a crucial element in safeguarding policy and practice.

Whether it’s learning from home or in a classroom, understanding and increasing knowledge about online safety can result in growth and development across the whole school community.

360 degree safe aims to give schools and organisations the insight and tools to build their online safety policy and practice whilst reviewing their progression and achievement throughout.

St Bartholomew’s First School in Crewkerne has been using 360 degree safe to develop their online safety knowledge across the whole school community. They have also achieved and consistently maintained accreditation throughout their journey.

360 degree safe has been really helpful in ensuring we keep this important safeguarding element a very high priority in school. The tool has been central to sharing knowledge, awareness, and our ability to act quickly on any online safety concerns. It has increased understanding across our whole school community

They have written a wonderful article about how their community has used 360 degree safe along with a superb video that talks about their experience in greater detail. They illustrate how it has ‘empowered’ their school by bringing online safety to the forefront and has better prepared their staff, pupils and parents when it comes to responding to and dealing with concerns.

There is raised awareness amongst our parent/carer community. They are now readily reporting any concerns but more than that, coming and asking for advice before anything does happen. Children are reporting to staff or parents if they are concerned about something, not only for themselves but if they are concerned for a friend.

You can watch the video here:

360safe: A School’s Experience

Review your Online Safety Policy and Practice

Much like St. Bartholomew’s, if you are a school that wants to get more insight into how your school is performing, you can sign up for free to 360 degree safe. Gaining a better understanding of how you can safely and effectively manage online safety concerns can make the whole school community feel empowered.

The tool allows you to demonstrate improvement and is with you every step of the way in helping you push forward. Find out more about 360 degree safe and sign up for free today.

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