360data is live! But is it any good?

360data is live! But is it any good?

Last month we launched 360data, the Data Protection self review tool, based on the award winning 360safe software used by over nine thousand schools in the UK. We thought it would be great to hear from a couple of schools that are now using the system, like anything the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Case Study 1: Sally Short & Paul Barton, Mendip Green Primary School, Worle

The 360data tool is an excellent resource to guide and help a setting through the complexities of data protection. It is vital to ensure the school knows the current requirements and procedures in this rapidly changing area, and the tool offers an easy to understand pathway to ensure schools are compliant.

The tool is conveniently split into four main areas and uses the same structure and interface as the 360safe self review tool so navigation is intuitive. The opportunity to enter evidence and action notes for comments for each aspect makes it an easy tool to be completed by a number of stakeholders. Links to Supporting Documents assist users in providing guidance and background knowledge for each aspect, and Suggested Evidence Sources serve as a useful prompt.

The attainment graph shows current progress, is easy to read and also identifies where to concentrate future efforts. The three types of reports (Detailed Progress, Summary of Actions and Accreditation Progress) are detailed and Recommendations for Improvement are useful in highlighting future actions.

Case Study 2: Chris Shotter, Trust ICT Leader, The Prince Albert Community Trust

We are experienced users of the SWGfL 360safe tool and having recently achieved accreditation level, we have successfully been awarded the 360safe e-Safety Mark. The 360safe tool allowed us to thoroughly review and reflect on our existing policy and practice, and by working towards the benchmark standards, we now have our policies embedded into everyday life.

Looking to further develop our Data Protection policies and procedures, and in light of changes coming in to force by 2018 as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation directive, we turned to the 360data tool.

We were expecting the 360data tool to be similar to the 360safe tool, which it is. It contains 16 aspects, grouped into 4 elements: Policy, Infrastructure, Education, Standards. You are able to rate your organisation on a 5 to 1 scale in each of the 16 aspects.

You are then presented with possible improvement actions, supporting documents and links, and areas to record evidence, actions and comments. This has allowed us to identify areas of strength, and areas for further development. The model policies available through the 360data tool are extremely comprehensive, providing an excellent starting point for us to customise and develop to meet the needs of our own organisation.

The 360data website is clear and easy to use, with excellent links to additional resources relevant to each aspect. The clear benchmarking statements help to ensure that your self review is accurate, with the clear development points helping to ensure your action plan has clarity.

Our biggest challenge in implementing 360data has been looking at who is going to do what with regards to our development points. Our next step is to establish a Data Protection working party and a designated Data Protection Officer (as identified through our 360data self review), to work together on implementing our action plan.

We will continue to subscribe to 360data and will regularly re-review our progress, in order to ensure that we are continuously improving as we strive to improve our policies and practice with regard to Data Protection.

If you would like some more information on 360data then visit 360data where you can start your journey with our FREE 30 second quiz.

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