360 Goes from Strength to Strength

360 Goes from Strength to Strength

360 Degree Safe is our amazing self review tool that helps schools review their online safety provisions. It helps to easily identify strengths and weaknesses and then gives immediate feedback on how to progress. It has hosts of features including benchmarking, written feedback, collaborative online use and a wide range of reporting features.

One of the great features is the ability for a school to be awarded certificates that show their progress on the online safety journey. This can culminate in a half day assessment. Successful schools are awarded an accredited safer online eSafety mark.

221 schools received the award to date and by the end of this term another 71 assessments will have been completed by the team, with hopefully another 71 schools being award the mark.

We also have a bilingual version for Wales which has now been adopted by 78% of all Welsh schools with 7 Primary schools having already been assessed and awarded the online safetymark.

360data is also available specifically for Scottish schools to accommodate the unique inspecting elements within the area.

We are now delighted to announce the addition of a new 360 family member. Supported by the UK Safer Internet Centre 360data has now been launched. Based on the award winning 360safe platform 360data is a self review tool for Data Protection. Allowing users to embark on the same self review process as 360safe but this time focusing on Data Protection.

If you would like find out more about joining the 360safe and 360data family then just click the link.

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