360 Degree Safe 2.0 - Guidance for Existing Users

360 Degree Safe 2.0 - Guidance for Existing Users

If you are one of the 11,000+ schools already using 360 Degree Safe, there are probably a few questions you have surrounding the new and improved version of the online safety review tool. Here we go through the most commonly asked questions and explain how 360 Degree Safe V2.0 has improved.

What is new?

  • The tool has a brand new design and layout. When logged in, schools will see a radar graph representing their school’s position compared to the national level as well as the benchmark, i.e. the Online Safety Mark, level in every aspect. 
  • There are now 21 aspects instead of 28, making it more focussed and simpler to use.
  • The level statements and improvement actions have all been updated, to reflect changes in technology, behaviours, legislation and statutory guidance.
  • The Online Safety Mark benchmark level has been increased from level 3 to level 2 in five aspects (Technical Security; Data Security; Staff Training; Agencies; and Outcomes/Impact.

What happened to your previous data?

  • Your chosen levels and commentary have been transferred from the nearest equivalent aspect in the old tool to the new aspect in the new tool.
  • The only exception to this is the new Monitoring aspect. Here the chosen level has been copied from the old Filtering and Monitoring aspect, but not the commentary.
  • To check what has happened to data in each aspect, you should click on the orange bar at the top of each aspect review page which says: “This aspect has been updated since you last reviewed it. Review the changes here.” This will explain how the data in the new aspect has been transferred and whether there is a change to the benchmark level.

Can I still see my old data?

  • Yes, you can print your “Detailed Summary Review” from the Reports section of the tool and you can select a historical date for the report.

Will it be harder to reach the new benchmark levels?

  • Generally, no, the new benchmark level should be no harder to reach as we have adjusted the level statements to keep the requirements similar. The exception to this is the Data Protection benchmark level statement, which is more stringent because of the recent changes in data protection legislation, GDPR and related guidance.

What should existing users do next?

  • Now is the time for you to update your review so that you can check your online safety policy and provision meets the latest guidance and good practice. Depending on your own and your school’s circumstances you may find that you have time at home or in school over the next few months to update your review.
  • Carefully check the level statements to ensure that the level you chose previously is still relevant.
  • Read the improvement actions to see what you might include in your action plans to move to the next level in each aspect and prioritise these.
  • If you are considering an application for and Online Safety Mark assessment or re-assessment check that you meet the new benchmark levels and that your commentary describes clearly how your provision matches the benchmark level statement.

Can schools apply for the Online Safety Mark at present?

  • Yes, applications are still being accepted and are very welcome.
  • If you are due to be re-assessed (after three years) you are encouraged to update your review in the new tool and apply on the application form for re-assessment (which can be found on the Accreditation/Online Safety Mark page in the tool).
  • In the current circumstances we are willing to extend the expiry date of your award – please email 360safe@swgfl.org.uk to discuss, though it should be possible, and may be easier, for a school to update its review and complete the application form over the next few months.
  • If you are applying for the first time, you need to check that in your review you meet the new benchmark levels and that your commentary describes clearly how your provision matches the benchmark level statement and then apply using the online form on the Online Safety Mark page in the tool.
  • Early in the summer term, we will be trialling some “remote” Online Safety Mark assessments. It may be possible to extend these to other new applicants, please contact 360safe@swgfl.org.uk to discuss. This may suit some schools and be difficult for others. It will also be possible, at present, to accept applications, appoint an Assessor, but delay the visit until such times that schools are open and on a date that suits the school.

Can schools be assessed against the previous version of the tool?

  • We would encourage schools to update their review and be assessed against the new criteria.
  • However, it will be possible for schools to be assessed against the previous criteria until October 31st, 2020 should they so wish. We would use the “historic report” for the school at the time the tool was updated. We would expect that to have been recently reviewed by the school prior to the update – otherwise it would be well out of date by the time of the assessment.

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