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Terms for PSTN (telephone) Lines

All ADSL and FttC solutions  (whether from SWGfL or someone else) require a telephone line (referred to as a PSTN line) to operate.

This line needs to be a standard BT analogue telephone line with a ‘master socket’ within reach of your SWGfL CPE and your local network; contact the SWGfL SIS Team for guidance (sis@swgfl.org.uk) if you’re not sure whether your line meets this criteria.

If you need a new line to support your SWGfL service (ADSL or FttC solution), SWGfL can help you arrange this. Current charges are £109 for the installation of the line (referred to as ‘setup’) and £132 per year for the rental of the line (excluding any calls made). Installation is subject to survey, and the charges above only cover works within the standard BT Openreach installation scope.

PSTN Lines are subject to a minimum twelve month initial term. Cancellation of any PSTN Line within this minimum initial term will require payment of any outstanding Charges. Cancellation of any PSTN Line outside of this minimum initial term will require 30 days’ notice in writing to SWGfL.

Lead times vary, but typically take between 3 and 6 weeks from receipt of purchase order.