StopNCII - Preventing Intimate Image Abuse

A ground-breaking tool that protects adults against intimate image abuse


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StopNCII (Stop Non-Consensual Intimate Image Abuse) is a free global tool to protect intimate images from being shared online by perpetrators of intimate image abuse. creates a digital fingerprint, known as a hash, of your intimate image so it can be blocked from sharing on participating platforms. Intimate images are never transferred to nor saved on the website, instead, the image never leaves the user's device.

StopNCII Overview

How Does Work? allows those being threatened with intimate image abuse to create unique identifiers of their images, known as ‘hashes’, without the image ever leaving their device. The hashes are then submitted to the bank from where they will be shared with participating partners.

If an image is uploaded to the platform that matches the corresponding hash, the image will be moderated. If it meets the criteria of an intimate image, it will be removed and blocked from any further sharing across all partner platforms. Watch this video to find out more.

Podcast Episode: Intimate image abuse with 'revenge porn' survivor footballer Leigh Nicol

(Please note: This episode contains a brief mention of suicide) 

This podcast episode hears from Crystal Palace footballer and NCII abuse survivor Leigh Nicol about the impact of having videos shared globally on porn sites, and how it led to months of anxiety and depression. We also speak with SWGfL's Revenge Porn Helpline manager Sophie Mortimer, and hear how works with industry partners including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Bumble to provide a ground-breaking tool that prevents the sharing of non-consensual intimate images.

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