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Report Harmful Content is a national reporting centre that has been designed to assist anyone in reporting harmful content online.

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What is harmful content?

Well, it’s anything online which causes a person distress or harm.

Our focus is on providing advice about all types of harm online and signposting users to the correct services, highlighting to the public a reporting route for non-criminal content. Where the response from industry isn’t what was expected, we can follow this up directly.

Why can we help?

Report Harmful Content is provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre and operated by SWGfL. We use our existing experience of running two successful helplines, The Professionals Online Safety Helpline and The Revenge Porn Helpline to enhance our service. There is no one else that delivers what we do.

What is considered harmful content?

In simple terms, harmful content is anything online which causes a person distress or harm. This encompasses a huge amount of content and can be very subjective depending on who is doing the viewing; what may be harmful to one person might not be considered an issue by someone else.

We studied the community guidelines of several different platforms and concluded that the following areas of content are likely to violate terms

  • Online Abuse

  • Bullying or Harassment

  • Threats

  • Impersonation

  • Unwanted Sexual Advances (Not Image Based)

  • Violent Content

  • Self-Harm or Suicide Content ​

  • Pornographic Content

What else can I find on Report Harmful Content?

We recognise that harmful content online can be part of a bigger problem, and as such have signposted to other services that can help including the IWF and ACT.

There's also ACT Early which encourages people to report concerns in confidence about individuals who they feel are vulnerable to being radicalised. 

We also provide the police with information about the various reporting mechanisms available to them as law enforcers. Our work with industry continues and you’ll also find links to the most up to date transparency reports for the most commonly used social networking platforms along with links to the safety centres of other social networking platforms on the site.

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