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We can’t access the resources we would like in school as SWGfL block them!

Every school can change their filtering settings to ensure that you permit and / or block the sites YOU require. Find out more

Do SWGfL only provide one brand of filter solution?

We provide a range of solutions that best suits your needs and you can more information here.

Using SafetyNet Plus means staff can’t access different resources to students.

RM SafetyNet Plus includes a ‘staffproxy’ feature, this means that staff can be given a credentials to allow them to override the filter to access the resources they need. Access to ‘staffproxy’ can be scheduled and monitored by the school administrator. Find out more

Our school has mobile devices which can’t use the SWGfL filter.

All our filter solutions will work with mobile devices.

RM SafetyNet Plus includes a free transparent safety service module which will allow mobile devices to connect to the school proxy without the need to reconfigure any device settings. Find out more

We’d like to access YouTube/Schools, can we?

Yes you can, both the Lightspeed and Smoothwall options include features to allow YouTube content to be accessed and RM SafetyNet Plus has been recently updated to enable you to add YouTube/Schools to your allow list, whilst keeping users away from full YouTube. Fine out more 

What is the headteachers responsibility?

The Headteacher is responsible, through the legal duty of care, for ensuring that all pupils and staff are safe. This includes protecting staff and pupils from the dangers associated with electronic communications.

It is the duty of the Headteacher to ensure that all staff are aware of the possible dangers associated with electronic communications, and the means for ensuring safe usage. The head teacher may, however, delegate day to day management of e-safety issues to a member of staff who is sufficiently knowledgeable, trained and competent.

It is also the responsibility of the governing body to ensure that policies are followed to ensure the safety of the school community.

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