Understanding Digital Wellbeing with TikTok

Wednesday 13th July: 13:00 - 15:00pm

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SWGfL once again joined forces with TikTok for a free online event, exclusively for professionals working with children and young people, to explore what digital wellbeing looks like in 2022.

With so many young people growing up in an "online world", understanding and managing digital wellbeing has become an essential tool for parents, carers and professionals as they continue to prioritise online safety. Take a look below at what resources were included.

Guest Speakers

Understanding Digital Wellbeing brought together some of the leading professionals in the field of online safety. Each presenter discussed the latest tools, research, guidance and services to help towards keeping children and young people safer online. Find out more about each speaker below.

Topics for Discussion

The exclusive event was an opportunity to hear from leading experts about the latest research, guidance and tools available for professionals working with young people across the UK. The discussion covered: